Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art Tip #104


Several people have asked what the warm yellow is on my palette.  It's Indian Yellow.  If you are unfamiliar with Indian Yellow, let me introduce you to the wonderful possibilities of this tube of paint.  It's a transparent warm yellow which compliments the opaque Cad. Yellow Light on my palette. 

Mixing Ind. Yellow w/ Titanium White and call it my BUTTER.  It's an ideal way to lighten colors without adding pure white, it's the base of my transparent "mother color" green mixture (another tip for later) & it mixes to the most natural yellow that I seem unable to sufficiently achieve with the Cad. Yellow colors.  Many years ago, I realized that my palette was heavily weighted with opaque colors & in the process of switching out for more transparent paints, I discovered Indian Yellow.  I only use Gamblin Indian Yellow.  There is such huge swing in the quality & color with other brands.  

 I find Gamblin's Indian Yellow to be the most pure hue.  It's such a personal preference but if you aren't happy with your paint...what's the point?

Do you love Indian Yellow as much as I do?