Thursday, August 15, 2013

Art Tip #125

Stepping Back

I've been working on an art tutorial for a download lesson. In the process of painting the demo, I hit a snag. I really felt my sketch was good and was ready to proceed. I quickly moved through the painting but it wasn't until I was almost done that I didn't like the foreground. To many similar shapes and a lot of foreground that didn't quiet work. Time to step back.  So I took a day off from this piece & reevaluated it this morning.  A few simple strokes at the end & problem solved.  I added a bit of bush/shrubbery shape to the bottom left side and a few strokes in the lane.  None of this was in the original reference photo but you have to do what makes the painting work not be married to your reference material.   See you on Tuesday with the complete lesson.