Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Art Tip #111

Favorite Art Sites

With social media what it is, there is an abundance of information at our fingertips.  I thought I'd share just a few of my favorite sites.  


John Singer Sargent - I found one of his paintings in an art book at age 9. He got my
artistic juices flowing & they haven't stopped.  This site has his complete works. 
Sergei Bongart -  One of just many Russian impressionists that inspire me.

Tibor Nagy - When I grow up, I want my art to bring the depth & language that his work 
does.  If you don't know him, you should.


Sketchaway - A sketchbook traveler.  When I visit other artists' it's their sketchbooks that I'm most interested in.  It tells a lot about the artist.  

Urban Sketchers - A blog that features more than 100 artists from around the world. 
It's just fun to visit.
Misc. Sites

Underpaintings - Matthew Innis' blog that as he says...celebrates excellence
in Representational Art. A cornucopia of fabulous art & exhibits are highlighted.

Painting Perceptions - A blog that invites discussion & ideas on exploring painting done from life.  It includes interviews & information written from an artist's point of view. It takes time to explore but well worth it.  A large variety of styles.  

Painting Resource

Gamblin - I use Gamblin paint, their site is full of great information.  If you have question, 
I've always gotten a timely & useful response.